March 3, 2020

#155 – Neil Critchley’s Tangerine Army

It’s Monday the 2nd March 2020.  In today’s show we are joined by Josh Sexton from the Anfield Wrap (a Liverpool fans podcast) who is going to give us the low-down on Neil Critchley, as Blackpool appoint the Liverpool U23 manager as their new ‘head coach’.  We also review Saturday’s dramatic two-one victory over Ipswich at Bloomfield Road and we draw up the shortlist for the two centre-forward berths in the ‘Worst Ever 11’. Neil Critchley is the new Blackpool ‘head coach’ We are joined on the line by Josh Sexton who covers the Liverpool acadmey side for the Anfield Wrap. Questions from the fans: Graham Clayton – Aside from player development, how do you think Neil will adapt to the pressures of needing results on the pitch week-in-week-out?Tommy Wilson – Which academy players could he realistically see being loaned to us next season?John Ford – Not to do with BFC, but I’d like to know his view on Harry Wilson. Does he think he has a future at LFCJohn Ford – The Seasiders Podcast has just done a “worst 11” feature. I’ve seen a similar feature on LFC recently and Pool legends Paul Stewart and Charlie Adam were mentioned! What’s their view on these 2 ex BFC players?Al Rayyis – What is Critchley’s preferred formation and style of play? Is it based on Klopp’s philosophy or do you think he will implement his own style at Blackpool?Colin MCGilbert – NC is a ‘nice guy’ so does he need a ‘bad cop’ on the staff? From us: Do you think its a big step up from U23 management and do you think he’ll be a success at Blackpool Interview with NC on You Tube Last match reviews Blackpool 2 – Ipswich 1 A report of our day in the box courtesy of Tim and his solicitors firm Barker, Booth and Eastwood.Met the ref in the foyer before!The random Hong Kong looking guy taking picures on the balcony.Bloomfield Bear coming in the boxMeeting and interviewing Tony Green afterwards and Danny Coid also.Great goal from KDH to put us one upMadine missed another sitter in the first halfSoft equaliser for Ipswich, poor defending from ‘Pool, their goal had a feeling of inevitability about itA string of great saves from Maxwell in both halvesDunn booed for not bringing Madine off, not for bringing Nuttall on to replace Ronan.Absolute scenes when Joe Nuttall bagged the winner! Worst ever XI Drawing up a shortlist of ten for the two centre forward berths in the worst ever 11.  Shortlist being formed from Twitter responses here: We are then going to have a livestream with the fanbase on Friday evening at 8PM on our YouTube channel to pick the ‘winners’ were we invite the fanbase to have their say! Nicks news None this week apart from the managerial situation Next match preview Fleetwood away

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