April 17, 2020

#157 – Gary-Taylor Fletcher (part 1)

It’s Monday 6th April 2020, in today’s show I speak to a man who’s played and scored in each of the top five divisions of English football, he scored Blackpool’s first and last goals of our Premier League season, he bagged the 500,000th goal in the football league and most importantly, he set the now hot trend for double-barrelled surnames in professional football….its an interview with seaside legend Gary Taylor-Fletcher!  GTF in the 2009/10 season He’s scored and played in each of the top five divisions of English footballHe scored one of the goals at Wembley in 2010 to take Blackpool into the Premier LeagueHe scored Blackpool’s first and last goals of the Premier League seasonHe scored the 500,000 goal in the football leagueand most importantly, he was one of the founding fathers of the current hot trend in footballers double barrelled surnames……it’s GTF, Gary Taylor-Fletcher Pre-Blackpool Tell us about how you made it into professional football and did you always want to be a footballer?You spent a lot of time moving around clubs between 2001 and 2003 with loan spells at various clubs (majority down in London area) until settling and establishing yourself at Lincoln City.  At Lincoln your goal ratio was over 1 in 3 with 31 appearances in 91 games.  Is it fair to say that’s were you ‘made your nam’e and how much of an influence was the late Keith Alexander on your career? mention 2005 play off final defeat to Southend – what stadium was it at and the score? You joined Huddersfield in 2005 – how did that move come about and were you pleased with the move?  Gets you a bit nearer to home I guess!Apparently you were used a right-winger in 2006 season and you scored the majority of the teams goals from that position?!  Prey tell!At Huddersfield you scored a 25 yarder against Rotherham which was the 500,000 goal in the history of the football league.  Did you know about that and are you bothered?! You scored 26 goals in 82 games for Huddersfield which then lead to join the Seasiders in 2007 – can you tell us how the move came about and did you have any apprehensions in joining us given the reputation of the Oystons in the footballing circles?  Blackpool 2007/08 You were signed by Simon Grayson and were an almost ever present the 2007/08 season racking up 42 appearances and notching six goals in your first season in tangerine.  What were your initial impressions of the club both before and after you signed.You made your debut in the Championship in the club’s first league match of the 2007–08 season, a 1–0 win over Leicester City at the Walkers Stadium on 11 August 2007.  What were your memories of that game and were you aware of the gravity of the match for Blackpool fans as it was the first time we’d be in the top tier since 1979! What were your stand out memories of the first season What are you memories of the famous one-nil at Deepdale this season and THAT penalty?  Were you aware of how much the Preston matches meant to our supporters and how big that win was for us given we havent played them in such a long time?We finished 19th that season and narrowly avoided relegation – what your thoughts on that season, the club and how we might fare the following season?  2008/09 In the 2008-09 season we faired better finishing 16th despite Simon Grayson pissing off to Leeds on the 23rd December leaving the club high and dry.  What did the players think of the timing of the depature and how much of influence was Tony Parkes in steadying the ship?Ahead of the first derby of the 2008–09 season at Bloomfield Road on 15 November 2008, which Preston won 3–1, Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston said: “As chairman I get excited. It’s difficult not to. I feel like telling the manager to feed the players on raw meat all week. I absolutely understand the rivalry,

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Gary Taylor-Fletcher Profile Photo

Gary Taylor-Fletcher

Blackpool FC

Another of the class of 2010 heros. "Fletch" wracked up 215 appearances scoring 36 goals for the Seasiders and was instrumental member of the team between 2007-2013 and has has scored in each of the top five divisions of English football.