April 18, 2020

#158 – Gary-Taylor Fletcher (part 2)

It’s Tuesday 7th April 2020, in part two of my interview with Gary Taylor-Fletcher, he remincies about the 2010 play-off final against Cardiff, our season in the Premier League inlcuding the gut wrenching final day relegation at Old Trafford and GTF’s subsequent argument with Ollie over the contents of a burger van! GTF scroing at Old Trafford 2010 Championship play-off final  What was the journey down to London like?  Did you stay in a nice hotel or was it a cheap and nasty B&B?!Pre match atmoshpere in the dressing room and what was Ian Holloways team talk like?What was it to like to walk and see that wall of tangerine – and play at 106f1st HALFTalk us through the first half and what it was like to play in. Chopra (wanker just goaded our fans when he scored)Adam Ledley GTF – (hit the post just before the corner as well) Brett2nd HALFOnly things I remember were Chopra hitting the post and BBB running in treacle when clean through You got injured, what was the injuryEmotions at full time and was the mood and Ollie like in the dressing room after the game.Did any of the Oystons come the dressing room?What did you all do after the match? 2010/11 – Premier League Build up First season in the top flight since 1971 The bonus debacle in the run up to the start of the seasonThe none payment of Charlie’s survival bonus and subsquent court case.  How did the two above events affect the dressing room morale?What were your thoughts on the none signing of Dobbie and DJ even though, DJ eventually signed four games in.Thoughts on the extremley late business in the transfer market. Incredibly, 81 days had passed until we made our first signing since winning the play off final.  Do you think the squad was suitably reinforced for survival in the PL? Season Wigan away 4-0 and top of the PL – should have been more!   Put us top of the top division for the first time since 57/58 seasonBrought back down to earth with 6-0 drubbing at ArsenalMatt Phillips, Luke Varney, DJ campbel, David Carney and Kingson all arived.  Phillips and Varney making the biggest impact.Big 2-0 win away at Newcastle put us fourth and second win in four games.  Flying. Dicked 4-0 at Chelsea by half time!Beating Liverpool 1-2 – what a memoryLost 2-3 at home to City – you scored at the deathFirst home win, 2-1 against WBA when they were down to 9 men!  Charlie pen and VarneyAston Villa away – squad drop – what did you think of that? Wolves 2-1 – Varney worldie – Prince William – My H/T pen 😉1-0 win away at StokeThree games called off due to frozen pitch – do you think this effected things?2-0 win at Sunderland.  Scabby but put us on 28 points0-1 at City on NYD.  Played really well2-1 home  to Liverpool2-3 at home to United.  Robbed by none penalty by Peter WaltonClub fined 25K for fielding a weakened sideAndy Reid, Beattie, Puncheon and Kornilenko only incoming players in the window3-5 defat at EvertonCharlie refused his move to Liverpool by KO.  What did everyone think of that and did it have a negative effect on the Charlie and the dressing room3-1 defeat of Spurs at home.  2-2 draw at Blackburn.  Kingsons magic moments!0-3 at home to Wigan.  Writing on the wall after that – dropped into relegation zone for the first time.1-1 at Spurs and the double penalty4-3 at home to Bolton.  What a game.4-2 away at United.  Charlie free kick equalising after Park Ji-sung opener and then THAT goal from you.  What did it feel like when that went in?What was the mood like in the dressing room after the match?You had your option activated on your contract – were the wages the same? You finihsed the season with 32 appearances and 6 goals.  On a personal level – it was a successful season?A few crappy pizzas pro

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Gary Taylor-Fletcher Profile Photo

Gary Taylor-Fletcher

Blackpool FC

Another of the class of 2010 heros. "Fletch" wracked up 215 appearances scoring 36 goals for the Seasiders and was instrumental member of the team between 2007-2013 and has has scored in each of the top five divisions of English football.