July 16, 2020

#164 - The lowdown on Keshi Anderson and Jerry Yates

I’m speaking to Rich Pullen from the Swindon Town podcast “The Loathed Stranger” who’s going to give us the low-down and what to expect out of Blackpool’s new signing Keshi Anderson

  • First off, congratulations on your promotion and league title and we’ll be seeing you next season!
  • Tell us about the name of your pod, whats the story?
  • How does it feel to get promoted on these terms and does it take the gloss off it considering you’ve been top for five months?!
  • I believe you are having a virtual open bus tour to celebrate?
  • You are managed by former Blackpool midfield maestro, Richie Wellens?  Obviouslly its a very successful brand of football but what style is it?
  • How do you think you’ll do next season and which players

Now onto Keshi Anderson

  • Described as an “exciting, attack-minded player” - could elaborate on his best position and what can we expect from him?
  • Hes played exactly 100 games scoring 15 goals, so not an out and out striker then?
  • Was he an integral part of your side last season and will he be missed?
  • How do you think he’ll fit in under Neil Critchley at Blackpool?  ‘The Liverpool way’.
  • Do you think he has the ability to player at the upper leves of the football pyramid?
  • Says on Wiki that Anderson declined the new contract offer and took to social media to announce that he was leaving the club upon the expiry of his contract.  How did that go down?
  • Finally, Richie Wellens has been quoted today saying that another club has bid for Jerry Yates and its rumoured to be us.  14 goals in 31 appearances for you is a decent return.
  • Can you tell us a bit about him?

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Cheers and Up the ‘Pool!

Rich Pullen Profile Photo

Rich Pullen

Swindon Town

Rich is the main beghind "The Loathed Stranger" podcast, which is a Swindon Town fans podcast.