March 13, 2021

Blackpool 0 - Fleetwood 0 : "Stale Cod"

In today's post match pod, we discussed today's game as Fleetwood travelled to Bloomfield Road for the second Fylde coast derby of the season, which was Blackpool 0 - Fleetwood 0.  “Stale Cod.”

  • 1 min - Kaikai miskick when slotted in by CJ, should have scored
  • 6 mins - Ballard pen appeal?
  • 9 mins - KK to Garbutt who misshits it and Jackpot Jerry heads straight at the keeper!
  • 23 mins - Maxwell flaps at cross, lucky to get away with it.  Connelly should have scored
  • 36 min - Batty brings Garbutt down, nothing given, should have been sent off
  • 37 min - Virtue for Stewart
  • 38 mins - Turton volleys over the bar from Garbutt byline cross
  • 47 mins - Simms clean, pokes it straight at Cairns
  • 48 mins - Garner stings Maxwells hands and Vassell tries to take them off on the rebound!
  • 50 - 65 mins.  Neither team can make a pass!
  • 66 mins - CJ hits post after a cross from KK.  Has to score, should have gone far post.
  • 67 mins Finlay pea roll when it opens up for him!
  • 67 mins - Vassel pulls it wide
  • 80 mins - Vasell whips it over the bar, best chance for Fleetwood so far
  • 90 mins - Virtue just over after break from Turon down the right
  • 94mins - Turton puts in on Mitchell head from the right but heads over


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Ben Knapman

Fleetwood Town

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