April 29, 2021

Statement: Social media blackout

Statement: Social media blackout

We at the Seasiders Podcast were appalled to read about the vile abuse Grant Ward received following the superb victory at Sunderland, in which he was without doubt, our stand-out outfield player.

No one should have to put up with online hate of any type, however, when you see one of our own subjected to such treatment, it really brings it home that we all need to take a stand against this. 

We at the Seasiders Podcast believe it is incumbent on social media providers and the authorities to come together to permanently eradicate such abuse.

Accordingly, between 3pm Friday 30th April and midnight Monday 3rd May, the Seasiders Podcast team will suspend all use of our social media accounts in support of the widespread campaign against online racist abuse of all those in sport.  

This will include the live broadcast of our Northampton Town v Blackpool “Match Reaction” show on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to the wider world of social media.  

The audio podcast version of the show will be recorded privately and released to the geneal public as an audio podcast only, without promotion using any form of social media.  We will release the YouTube video recording after the boycott ends on Monday 3rd May at midnight.

We hope our support for the social media boycott helps fans better understand the ongoing fight against discrimination. 

The boycott of course won’t in itself stop online discriminatory abuse, however it will hopefully demonstrate to the wider world and in particular the social media providers that the football family is willing to collectively take voluntary and proactive steps in this ongoing battle.

We all feel the wider social issues facing sport and society in general, are far more important than likes, views, downloads, etc and that our loyal and regular listeners will support and understand our stance.