Oct. 18, 2021

Nottingham Forest 2 - Blackpool 1 : Reaction

Its Sunday 17th October 2021, in today’s show we discuss the disappointing away defeat at the City Ground as the ‘Pool unfortunately end Forest’s run of not winning at home all season, until yesterday!

Seaside seven: 

TJJ - what is he? Why is he starting? Have we seen enough now to say it’s not working for him? Who else? (i.e. Mitchell, Dale etc?) 

Injuries - Are we a) signing injury prone players or b) working in such an intense way that we get more injuries or c) both or d) something else i.e. we’ve angered the gods somehow.  

Referee - Was he as shit as I thought he was? 

Maxwell - how much did we miss him setting a tempo and leading? Grimshaw didn’t do much wrong but how much do we need his feet in the backline for he way we play?

Penalty claims. I didn’t think TJJ was one and I have no idea what the other one was but Twitter reckons they were nailed on. 

Shape of team - how much did we miss Anderson? (till Mitchell came on) 

Positives: didn't play that well and didn't get hammered, skipper Marvin good again + Yates is back - quality today. 


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