May 16, 2021

Play off preview : Oxford United (a)

John, Sean and Tom were joined on this special play-off preview pod by Oxford fans Adam Strang and Steve Day to preview this coming Tuesday's MASSIVE play off round one match against the Yellows at the Kassam Stadium.


Opening talking points

Does last year's disappointment give Ox an advantage of experience or put pressure on Robinson and team not to fail again? 

On the 7th of December you were in the bottom four, now looking at the table it's staggering what you’ve actually achieved.
From then you’ve picked up 59 points over 31 games, one more than Blackpool. Oxford are the playoffs form team, winning 5 from 6 and 7 in 10. Also scoring 28 goals in those 10.

Oxford record vs top 8

Drew 0-0 to Charlton/Loss 2-0 Charlton
Lost 2-0 to Hull/1-1 in the reverse
Oxford 2-1 Lincoln/Lincoln 2-0
Sunderland 3-1/0-2 Sunderland 
Drew 0-0 Peterborough/0-2 peterborough 
Lost 2-0 to Blackpool/0-0 reverse
Portsmouth 1-0 loss/1-1 reverse

Blackpool record vs top 8
Hull 3-2 win/2-2 
Peterborough 1-2/3-1
Lincoln 2-3/2-2
Sunderland 1-0/0-1
Oxford 0-0/0-2
Charlton 0-1/0-3
Pompey 2-1/0-1

Key Oxford players:

Moore CB Partnering- decent, but how will simms and yates running channels affect them?
Shodipo 11 goals-  
Taylor 18 goals- in fine form
Henry 7 goals and 6 assists 
Joe ruffles 6 g and 6 assists 

Oxford formation - how do you expect to line up and tell us your dangermen?

433- Gorrin not involved as much due to the form of the current side. He breaks up, plays well etc. 
Offensive- Brannagan, Box to Box, will need to focus on defence more. Henry who’s usually a winger turned midfielder from winger. and Sykes. Elliot Lee, Shodipo and Taylor. 
Ford, RB is naturally a RW.
Atkinson is a big threat- and a very good season.

Blackpool have conceded 16 in their last 27- 

Data Comparison of Oxford and Blackpool

Oxford and Blackpool both in the top five in the division for shots taken per match vs shots faced per match. (Means both have been busy in attack but quiet in defence, not conceding many chances). (Obviously in recent times Oxford change to be more aggressive has meant they have conceded more chances).

Oxford are the most efficient team in front of goal in the division in terms of shots taken per match vs shots taken per goal scored. (Averaged 14 shots per match and on average have scored 1 goal every 8 shots, the highest in the division). Blackpool are midtable on this and are more wasteful averaging a goal every 10 shots and 12 shots per match.

Blackpool the most effective team in defence in terms of shots faced per match vs shots faced per goal scored (Faced an average of 9 shots per game and have an average of 1 goal conceded for every 12 shots against - essentially takes 1.5 games for the opposition to score against Blackpool. Oxford are midtable on this conceding once in every 9 shots and have 11 shots against on average per match.

Blackpool averaged 1.4xG for and 1xG against this season.
Oxford averaged 1.5xG for and 1.2xG against this season.

Oxford’s creation stats are at an all time high for the season heading into this over the past six games, whilst Blackpool’s are at an all time high for the past three games.

Previous matches 

- 0-0 at BR (Maxell save) 
- 0-2 Blackpool at The Kassam- One of my (Toms’) favourite games this season.

Blackpool key choices 

Who starts and in what system? Gabriel to miss out with Husband/Garbutt and Ballard Starting?

Who plays alongside Ballard? Thorniley to retain place or does Marv come in?

Is Sullay fit? If he is, does Keshi start? (2 from Embo, Sullay, Keshi, Demi?) 

Two strikers? Does this new system work a lot better for Simms/Yates? Previously went with one in both matches but we’re a different side now.

The inevitability of Blackpool having to tackle the playoffs...
The club’s record is so strong, they’ve won 16 of the 23 play-off ties they’ve taken part in - an unprecedented success rate of almost 70 per cent.

Ox take 22 points from the last 24 available. Pool take 8 from the same games… 

Decent link on their run in and the Joey B goal…

Bit of fun to finish  (whole room)

Favourite playoff game
Worst play off game
Potentiall Penalty takers
Score predictions



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Cheers and Up the ‘Pool!

Steve Day Profile Photo

Steve Day

Oxford United

Steve is an Oxford fan living up North and attended the infamous match when Blackpool destroyed the Yellows 2-1 at Bloomfield Road in the summer of 2019. ;-)

Adam Strand Profile Photo

Adam Strand

Oxford United

Adam is an Oxford fan based up in the North-West and has been following the Yellows since just after the glory days!